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ArcticBark is a pet brand that believes pets deserve the healthiest life possible! This starts by feeding them a nutritional diet that is natural and safe. Our brand offers all natural freeze-dried treats. All of our recipes are USA made using all natural, whole food ingredients with lean meats, real fruits and vegetables, and contain NO fillers or preservatives. Our ingredients are all human grade. Feeding our pets natural ingredients is one of the most beneficial things pet owners can do.


We  are a family owned company out of Nashua, New Hampshire and your pets matter to us. We have two dogs, a Maltese, Opey and a Bassett Hound, Loco. Our dogs are family and so important to us. My husband and I met because of the dogs. Opey and I (Lindsay) were a team and Loco and Shane (husband) were a team. Opey and Loco brought us together and we became one happy family! We decided to develop an all natural, true ingredient pet food brand because after many years of feeding commercial treats and food we continued to be dissatisfied with the ingredients. Either we had no idea what the ingredient was, or we would not be willing to eat it, so why should our dogs have to eat it. And so our brand was developed! We want to share our brand with your pets! 

Customer Feedback



Kim W. "Thank you for telling me about the chicken and apple treats. Our pup loved the bag I bought!!"

Terri-Lynn K. "Was great to test your product today. It’s Lexi approved. Thanks for quality."

Tracey R. "Looking for a great stocking stuffer for your favorite 4 legged friend? I found these great dog treats. They're Made locally, right inNashua! My three girls gave them 4 paws up!"  

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