What we are about

We want to change the way you feed your dog. Lets get back to basics. What are the basics? Only human grade food, food that you as a dog owner would eat, lean meats, real fruits and vegetables.  Here at ArcticBark we want your dog to live the healthiest life possible! And just like humans, that starts by eating a nutritional diet. Our brand offers all natural freeze-dried recipes that are USA made with only true human ingredients, lean meats, real fruits and vegetables that are free of fillers and preservatives. 


We are a family owned company out of Nashua, New Hampshire and we were inspired by our two dogs to start this brand. Loco, our Basset Hound had so many digestive issues. No matter what dog food brand she ate, it caused  inflammation in her digestive system. This eventually led to a prescription diet for many years, and Opey, our Maltese ate a commercial brand. After years of feeding separate diets, we became more and more dissatisfied with the ingredients in their food. We started to think "there has to be something better". 

We thought about how dogs ate before dog food became a big commercial market and it dawned on us that dogs ate the leftovers of what their humans ate. Dogs were eating human grade food 50 years ago since "dog food" didn't really exist. So we started making our own treats made from only ingredients that we ate. Since Loco's digestive system did great eating our treats, we decided to take it a step further, go back to basics and craft our own meal recipes to feed our dogs with. And amazing things happened! Loco no longer had any digestive system inflammation and Opey thrived on the food too, his fur never looked better and they both had more spunk in their steps. Everyone feels better when they eat better, including dogs. 

Unfortunately, our beloved Loco passed away from bone cancer, cancer that is linked to many of the fillers and preservatives found in commercial dog food, which she ate most of her life. She was 10 when we finally got smart about how to feed our dogs. Dogs are family and we should treat and feed them like family. We want to share our brand with you, so you can change the way you feed your dog.  

Customer Feedback



Kim W. "Thank you for telling me about the chicken and apple treats. Our pup loved the bag I bought!!"

Terri-Lynn K. "Was great to test your product today. It’s Lexi approved. Thanks for quality."

Tracey R. "Looking for a great stocking stuffer for your favorite 4 legged friend? I found these great dog treats. They're Made locally, right inNashua! My three girls gave them 4 paws up!"  

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